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Space Consciousness

The technical prostheses that amplify manifold the organismic mobility of the human animal come to determine the space-consciousness of this animal at the current historical and evolutionary stage of its development. [Michael Marder (2022), Philosophy for Passengers] Guangxi, China

God is Dead

"God is dead" is a statement made by Friedrich Nietzsche in 1882. Since "the belief in the Christian God has become unbelievable", everything that was "built upon this faith, propped up by it, grown into it", including "the whole [...] European morality", is bound to "collapse". In 2022, Norway has forgotten its Vikings, Greece its Olympus, Portugal its Navigators. Ethnicity is dead. 

As Freguesias da Grande Lisboa

A Necessidade De

Saliente-se que, nesse requerimento da providência cautelar, o advogado do jornal da Sonae garantiu que “a omissão do nome da página do Facebook ou do jornal que a alimenta foi uma decisão deliberada da Direcção Editorial do jornal PÚBLICO e da editora da secção da Sociedade que, com sentido de responsabilidade, não quiseram dar publicidade à publicação que, manifestamente, tinha tomado posições claramente atentatórias contra a necessidade de se criar consenso social em favor da vacinação, algo que o jornal assumiu e defendeu desde a primeira hora”. [ PÁGINA UM ]  Vamos repetir, "posições claramente atentatórias contra a necessidade de se criar consenso social em favor da" .


Ivan Illich asked, “What can I do to survive in the midst of the show?”, before answering his own question with a proposed two-fold approach. First, he calls for “an ethics of vision”, which calls for us to “protect” our “imagination from overwhelming distraction, possibly leading to addiction”. Second, he suggests “ocular askesis”, a discipline by which we train ourselves to perceive the world as we wish to see it. Illich scholar L.M. Sacasas goes further: “Our task, then, would be to cultivate an ethos of seeing or new habits of vision. We should remember, that all the senses can be likewise trained.” [ Ashley Colby (2022)]

Comus All Allows

The smile of beauty, and the flush of wine, For fops, fools, gamesters, knaves, and lords combine: Each to his humour — Comus all allows;⁠ Champaign, dice, music, or your neighbour's spouse. Lord Byron (1809)