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In Denmark the remains of Early Neolithic settlements on the banks of the lake have been preserved. The bog has good preservation conditions for animal bones and plant remains. The pollen from the bog strata shows how the vegetation changed after the arrival of the farmers, c. 4000 BC. Tree pollen was superseded by grain pollen and herb pollen when primeval forest was transformed into arable land. 


We are changing all the time. Moving between different aspects of self. We may have one aspect that wants to be more bold or subversive, which wrestles with our more agreeable, conflict-avoidant self. There is a constant negotiation occurring between these various aspects. And each time we tune in to a particular one, different choices result, changing the outcome of our work. [Rick Rubin (2023), The Creative Act: A Way of Being]

Food Deserts

Food deserts are residential areas with poor access to affordable, healthy food. Most families understand the importance of eating nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods like chips and fast food. When you live in a food desert, however, this can be hard to do.

Primum non nocere

Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase that means " first, do no harm ".

Our Work

“Ah, it’s you!” said Pierre with a preoccupied, dissatisfied air. “And I, you see, am hard at it,” he pointed to his manuscript-book with that air of escaping from the ills of life with which unhappy people look at their work. [Leo Tolstoy (1869), War and Peace] .

The Domains

The building blocks required to achieve success in a business domain and differentiate the company from its competitors:  Core domains : The interesting problems. These are the in-house activities the company is performing differently from its competitors and from which it gains its competitive advantage.  Generic domains : The solved problems. These are the things all companies are doing in the same way. There is no room or need for innovation here; rather than creating in-house implementations, it’s more cost-effective to adopt \ buy existing solutions. Supporting domains: The problems with obvious solutions. These are the activities the company likely has to implement in-house or outsourced, but that do not provide any competitive advantage. Domain experts are subject matter experts who know all the intricacies of the business that we are going to model and implement in code. In other words, domain experts are knowledge authorities in the software’s business domain. T

The Sweetness at the End

Death and the Maiden by Elna Borch, 1905