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Hidden Resources

Every year farmers send billions of gallons of water to other countries in the form of the food grown with that same water. The issue of agriculture's water footprint, all the water used to produce a commodity and get it to a consumer, is contentious since many farmers use scarce water to produce low-value export crops . - >

Mobilidade na Grande Lisboa

O SATU de Oeiras foi inaugurado em junho de 2004 e pretendia ligar a estação ferroviária de Paço de Arcos (linha de Cascais) à estação ferroviária de Cacém (linha de Sintra). As duas primeiras fases, indissociáveis no projeto, levariam o SATU até ao parque empresarial do Lagoas Park, a terceira chegaria ao TagusPark e finalmente a quarta ao Cacém, já no concelho de Sintra. Mas a obra nunca passou do Centro Comercial Oeiras Parque, que fica a apenas 1.200 metros de Paço de Arcos. -


Ah, poder ser tu, sendo eu! Ter a tua alegre inconsciência, E a consciência disso! Fernando Pessoa

The Problem With Reality

Did you know a Cup is also a Donut ? Topology agrees, Euclidean Geometry disagrees, and they are both correct. And by now our intellect may be convinced but our intuition surely isn't.


I arrived in London at April, 2015. Strolling around its streets and travelling through its underground, I noticed that no culture or ethnicity was in majority. Its roots are British and it's inside England but London is London nowadays, a city-state in its own right. With more than thirteen million metropolitan inhabitants, it is preforming the unique experience of forging the ultimate Humanist utopia: despite your race, culture or religion, you are a Londoner and London is your home. It justifies its own existence not on ethnic or historical grounds, but pragmatic needs, like the availability of a Costa Coffee, a Primark or a H&M near you;  united in consumerism . Although it seems that everyone is getting along, it is also true that London is putting a tremendous amount of effort and money in an Orwellian rewriting of its own White and British History: whether in pro-immigration campaigns or in social engineering of its television shows, racial fairness is not taken lightl

Um Problema de Legitimidade

A Constituição Portuguesa de 1976 não é, nem nunca foi, a Constituição de Portugal e de todos os portugueses; apenas de alguns.  Cada geração deve reconhecer-se na sua Constituição. Se ela for ideologicamente construída e programaticamente datada, estamos a admitir que uma outra geração pensou por nós, para nós e em vez de nós ( António Barreto ).