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A Nossa Terra

Até ao final do ano de 2014 , 5600 reformados franceses tinham comprado residência em Portugal e as estimativas apontam para que durante 2015 o número ultrapasse os 20 mil. Até há menos de um ano ninguém diria a Daniel Bremaud que em breve trocaria a sua casa numa pequena vila na Côte D'Azur por outra vila de paisagens igualmente amenas e igualmente "linda, também ao lado da água". Mas hoje Daniel, um ex-polícia de 68 anos que trabalhou no Mónaco, chama casa ao Seixal.  Pascal Gonçalves, fundador da agência imobiliária Maison au Portugal, confirma a tendência. "Os franceses que agora chegam não têm nenhum preconceito em relação à Margem Sul. Para eles é apenas mais um sítio tranquilo para viver." Ele sabe do que fala. Em poucos meses, já vendeu mais de 14 de apartamentos à beira do Tejo, com vistas rasgadas para Lisboa, a franceses reformados.

Buy The Parthenon

Greece is $380 billion is debt. For the last few years, amidst her financial crisis, Greece has flirted with the idea of selling off state historical assets. The UK should ease Greece's debt problem and buy (the rest of) the Parthenon . Britain could offer an enormous (many-billion-pound) cash payment, along with an even larger, very-low interest loan, for which the British government could surely get extensive private sponsorship. Very far-fetched, perhaps, but there is some precedent. It wouldn't be the first such structure to find its way to a museum. The Pergamon Museum in Berlin has the massive Pergamon altar from an acropolis in Asia Minor and the Ishtar gate from Ancient Babylon. The Metropolitan Museum in New York has an entire Roman-period Egyptian temple named Dendur, brought to Manhattan from the banks of the Nile. The Parthenon would obviously be a big step up, but not an altogether incomprehensible one. It could be safely displayed in a new, gigantic gallery of t


I’ll be the first to say that looks shouldn’t matter, that we shouldn’t judge people based on superficial criteria. But it’s also true that there are costs to ignoring, or defying, the social realities of the world we live in, and I suspected that Greta was paying those costs. -

Blood and Soil

“In Tower Hamlets [London, United Kingdom] we ethnic minorities are in fact the majority and Islam is the main religion, so black people and Muslims should be running this borough,” said Aaron Kiely, Black Student Officer for the National Union of Students. In other words, anyone who doesn’t see the promotion of an ethnic group as their primary goal is by definition a racist. “This is a fight against Islamophobia and racism,” said Kiely, which “every single progressive . . . should support.” [ Standpoint ]