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The Money That Never Was

They were like the ant, which can see small objects but not large ones. ( 1984 ) At this point there is $3.439 in the system. The bank has $271. When those Social Security  thresholds were originally established in 1984, they were designed to include only a small number of higher-income taxpayers. But the thresholds weren't indexed for inflation, and so over more than 30 years, the number of Americans affected by the provision has risen dramatically. We have to distinguish between particular price movements (caused by demand and supply of particular commodities), movements corresponding to waves, and general price movements (caused by demand and supply of money), movements corresponding to tides .

Eu Sofro

Eu sou ocidental. A minha cultura é esta, não me interessam as outras. De que me vale a cultura asiática, a cultura africana? Respeito-as, mas não são a minha. Não ma podem substituir. A minha cultura é esta e eu sofro com ela. – Arturo Pérez-Reverte Charlottenburg Palace

About Altruism

Volunteers in the Calais Jungle have been accused of sexually exploiting refugees and even child migrants. The issue came to light after a bitter online discussion between volunteers on a Facebook group for Jungle workers called Calais People to People Solidarity. The exchanges were started by a male volunteer who wrote: "I have heard of boys, believed to be under the age of consent, having sex with volunteers. I have heard stories of men using the prostitutes in the Jungle too. I have heard of volunteers having sex with multiple partners in one day, only to carry on in the same vein the following day. And I know also, that I'm only hearing a small part of a wider scale of abuse." Others agreed with him and acknowledged that volunteer-refugee relationships were a serious issue in the camp that should not be covered up. Others meanwhile called for the group's admin to remove the thread over fears a news outlet would gain access to it. The post was deleted within

The Leader

Like the mood in August 1914, that of 1933 represented the actual power base of the coming Führer state. There was a very widespread sense of release and liberation from democracy. What is a democracy to do when the majority of the population no longer wants it? There was a desire for something genuinely new: popular rule without parties, a popular leader figure. [Sebastian Haffner, 1987] Pawel Kuczynski

O Homem do Fraque

A juíza conselheira Dulce Neto, vice-presidente do Supremo Tribunal Administrativo, descreveu um cenário de terror na relação entre a Administração Fiscal e os contribuintes. Segundo a magistrada, as Finanças arrastam propositadamente processos tributários com recursos, sabendo que os mesmos serão decididos a favor do contribuinte: “A Administração Fiscal está cega de mais na tentativa de arrecadar receita, deixando empresas e famílias exauridas”, declarou Dulce Neto. -

Portugal e a Sua Paralisia

Segundo os números mais recentes da Pordata em 2016, existem em Portugal mais de 3,6 milhões de pensionistas. Mais de 650 mil funcionários públicos. Outros tantos desempregados. Perto de 300 mil beneficiários do rendimento social de inserção. Somando estes quatro números deparamo-nos com 5,2 milhões de pessoas. E se a estes 5,2 milhões somarmos filhos menores e familiares dependentes, ultrapassamos facilmente os 6 milhões que Medina Carreira costuma citar com regularidade. Fixem bem o número, porque ele é o mais importante para explicar Portugal e a sua paralisia: num país com 10 milhões de habitantes, pelo menos 6 milhões beneficiam de transferências directas do Estado central. Entre o que a empresa regista na folha de remunerações e aquilo que cada um leva para casa ao fim do mês pode haver diferenças muito significativas. Em 2016, um trabalhador a ganhar o salário médio, e sem filhos, só recebeu 58,5% da remuneração bruta . Ou seja, 41,5% dos seus custos laborais totais fora


Modernity cannot be identified with any particular technological or social breakthrough. Rather, it is a subjective condition, a feeling or an intuition that we are in some profound sense different from the people who lived before us. [ Adam Kirsch (2016)]


We have to defend ourselves from ideological colonization. – Pope Francis Martin Luther King's central hope was that people someday would be judged by the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin. But the 2016 US election is far from being colour blind. It is littered with references to college-educated Whites or Black women or Hispanics, as if what mattered was skin colour. Back in 1964, the then Republican candidate Barry Goldwater agreed with the sitting president Lyndon Johnson that they would keep race out of the campaign and not exploit it for electoral purposes. They were different times. – Gavin Hewitt The creator of the television show Black-ish is tired of people only seeing his show as a symbol of diversity. Kenya Barris said all anyone wants to talk about regarding his show about an African-American family is diversity and how many of its viewers are black. "I will be so happy when diversity is not a word," Barris said.