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The Stoic philosopher Epictetus was born around 55 A.D. in the Greco-Roman town of Hierapolis, present-day Pamukkale, Turkey. The first line of Epictetus' manual of ethical advice, the Enchiridion, is "Some things are in our control and others not" ; being a Stoic means interrogating those flashes of dread or anticipation asking whether they apply to things outside your control and, if they do, being "ready with the reaction: Then it's none of my concern." Much of Epictetus' advice is about not getting angry at slaves. At first, I thought I could skip those parts. But I soon realized that I had the same self-recriminatory and illogical thoughts in my interactions with small-business owners and service professionals. Epictetus shook me with this simple exercise: "Starting with things of little value—a bit of spilled oil, a little stolen wine—repeat to yourself: For such a small price, I buy tranquillity ." [ Elif Batuman (2016)]


"A campanha ' Por Outra Lei da Nacionalidade ' procura uma alteração na Lei da Nacionalidade, para que o princípio de jus sanguinis seja alterado para o princípio de jus soli , o que daria acesso imediato à nacionalidade portuguesa aos filhos de imigrantes que nasçam em Portugal", disse Otávio Raposo, integrante do coletivo Consciência Negra. "Somos várias associações e coletividades que lutam por uma nova Lei da Nacionalidade, mais justa e que represente a diversidade atual da sociedade portuguesa, que não tem só uma cor ou origem ". Entre as associações que estão vinculadas à campanha estão a Casa do Brasil de Lisboa, a SOS Racismo, o coletivo Consciência Negra, a Associação Lusofonia Cultura e Cidadania, a Solidariedade Imigrante, a Afrolis, a Associação Cavaleiros de S. Brás, entre outras. " Devemos aperceber-nos como a moral aparece sempre ligada à origem de uma comunidade e à incorporação das leis que esta instituiu para se preservar . É um

Oh Infrastructure

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Police investigating the shooting at a Quebec mosque that killed six have narrowed down their list of suspects to one man, Alexander Bissonnette, a student at the city’s Laval University. A nongovernmental counter-terrorism organization reported that his likes on Facebook included President Donald Trump, French politician Marine Le Pen and the Israel Defense Forces. [ Forward ] There are thousands, if not millions, of ethnically Europeans around the world looking for guidance and protection in this multisomething western world and personalities like Trump, LePen or Putin are just filling the void. Europe is no longer the land of the Europeans, while China still is the land of the Han or Japan still is the land of the Japanese for exemple, so they are starting to feel "without an Israel".