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Eternal Recognition

Hitler dismissed a return to the boundaries of 1914 as a false goal for Germany, because boundaries are arbitrary: one is not morally entitled to them, one simply takes them if one can. “The reality of a nation having managed a disproportionate acquisition of territory is no superior obligation for its eternal recognition. It proves at most the might of the conqueror and the weakness of the victim. And, moreover, this might alone makes it right,” Hitler wrote. [Justice and the Genesis of War (1995), David A. Welch] American Progress (1872), John Gast 

A Reforma da Primeira Liga

O campeonato português de futebol tem um problema: o país está falido, sem pessoas, sem recursos e sem perspectivas que algo mude nas próximas décadas. Assim sendo, a única alternativa é adaptar a primeira liga de futebol ao país existente, tentando extrair o máximo possível do mesmo, sem esquecer que os clubes ainda participam na Taça da Liga e na Taça de Portugal. Vamos comparar o músculo populacional da liga portuguesa com outras ligas europeias. Em França existem 20 clubes para 66 milhões de habitantes (3.3 milhões / clube), em Espanha existem 20 clubes para 46 milhões de habitantes (2.3 milhões / clube), na Alemanha existem 18 clubes para 81 milhões de habitantes (4.5 milhões / clube) e, finalmente, em Itália existem 20 clubes para 60 milhões de habitantes (3 milhões / clube). Em Portugal existem 18 clubes para 11 milhões de habitantes (620 mil / clube).  Actualmente participam 18 clubes que fazem no total 34 jogos por época. Na época 2016/17 os estádios receberam 3.622.372


Wabi-sabi is a concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics constituting a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” -

The Experience of Beauty

Psychological adaptations are complex behavioral patterns built into our minds over many generations. The same forces that select genes for physical features of the body also select genes for features of the brain to carry out functions that ultimately give the organism a reproductive advantage. For example, our general experience of beauty is the result of a loose ensemble of evolutionary adaptations. What ties different people, places and proofs together into the experience of beauty is that our ancestors, who happened to find pleasure in these objects, were the people who had more children. [The Aesthetic Brain: How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art (2013), Anjan Chatterjee]

Our Dismiss

It is possible that some native Europeans may not appreciate an endless amount of diversity in their local schools and may want their children to be educated around people from a similar cultural background. This means, especially if those parents are in an inner-city area or suburb, that they are likely to worry about being able to afford a house in the kind of middle-class neighbourhood from which their child would be in the catchment area of a less diverse school. If they cannot afford to bring up their children in the way in which they would like, many people will fail to have the number of children they would like. [The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam (2017), Douglas Murray] Il primo bacio (1890), William Bouguereau


Deveis saber que há dois géneros de combate: um com as leis, outro com a força. O primeiro é próprio do homem, o segundo das bestas. Mas porque o primeiro muitas vezes não basta, convém recorrer ao segundo. [O Príncipe (1531), Maquiavel]