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The Poet’s Muse

(this review is about Paterson (2016), Directed by Jim Jarmusch) White t-shirt, blue shirt, Paterson wakes up, drives his urban bus, comes home, dines with his Persian muse, takes the dog for a walk and stops off for a beer at his neighborhood bar. Paterson raison d'être is his solitary poetry, written on his secret blank notebook. Written by him, for him, with no grandeur aspiration. But Laura, Paterson's "better half", isn't real. She is an illusion, a product of Paterson's imagination. Laura never interacts with the outside world, she only appears inside the house. Even in the house, at the bedside table, there are photos of Paterson in a military uniform, his parents (maybe?) and the dog. Laura isn't there. When Paterson says to Doc, the local bar owner, that Laura will sell cupcakes at the farmer's market and that he should go there, Doc looks surprised and shocked, saying that he can't because he has the chess tournament. He was clearly p

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