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Biden, The Kneeler

Joe Biden's tenure as the 46th president of the United States began with his inauguration on January 20, 2021.


The pyramids were constructed 4,500 years ago. The peak of the Roman Empire was 2,000 years ago. So to the Romans, the pyramids were as old as the Romans are to us today. By Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Security Layers

First, the bad news . You can't do anything about the top layer. The secret services, spy agencies, Deep State, will always know everything about you. They have access to the databases, to the hardware unique identifiers, to the network operators metadata, to the cloud data centers, to the on premises servers backdoors… So they can cross all the data and catch you. And if you are really threatening them or their interests, they will just bomb your house with a drone and blame it on a domestic gas explosion. This is where our Big Money overlords rule and you can't escape their power. Now, the good news . You can do something about the two bottom layers. You must have digital hygiene, discipline and be proactive to achieve it though. First, imagine if a cop or border agent stops you and asks for your phone, unlocked. You can always refuse of course but through violence, and even torture, they can indeed get the accesses they want from you. So you mustn't have any applicati

The IQ Problem

Jobs for people with IQs of less than 85 are very, very rare. So what the hell are those people supposed to do? It’s 15 percent of the population! Well, we better figure it out because one of the things that’s happening is that as the high IQ tech geeks get a hold of the world, the demand for cognitive power is increasing, not decreasing. It’s a problem that has to be dealt with. [ Jordan Peterson (2017)]

Critical Race Theory

Normal racism – Dehumanize, attack or discriminate against an ethnic group or individuals because they are of a specific race. Antisemitism – Dehumanize, attack or discriminate against Jewish people’s or individuals because they have too much privilege, power or wealth. Critical Race Theory – Dehumanize, attack or discriminate against White, and other “White adjacent”, people’s or individuals because they have too much privilege, power or wealth.

A Carpet of Sound

In almost every public place today the ears are assailed by the sound of pop music. In shopping malls, public houses, restaurants, hotels and elevators the ambient sound is not human conversation but the music disgorged into the air by speakers – usually invisible and inaccessible speakers that cannot be punished for their impertinence. For the most part, the prevailing music is of an astounding banality – it is there in order not to be really there. It is a background to the business of consuming things, a surrounding nothingness on which we scribble the graffiti of our desires. Whole areas of civic space in our society are now policed by this sound, which drives anybody with the slightest feeling for music to distraction, and ensures that for many of us a visit to the pub or a meal in a restaurant have lost their residual meaning. These are no longer social events, but experiments in endurance, as you shout at each other over the deadly noise. There are two reasons why this vacuous m

The European Mental Framework

Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs (2017) Europeans and Westerners were not prepared for a world increasingly influenced by ideas and ideologies that originated in traditionalist non-Western cultures. Supposedly such cultures would already be modern and secular like the West, if the prophecy of the universal progress of humanity had been fully fulfilled. The European mental framework has already been overcome by reality, but its intellectual persistence is a huge obstacle to understanding the trends that are emerging in the contemporary world. Nowadays it is easy to see that the democratic and pluralist legal-constitutional edifice that was created in Europe was not thinking, nor was it prepared, to face a cultural-social and religious-political contest arising from non-Western ideas and ideologies. The Islamic attacks in recent weeks in France, which targeted both the teacher of a secular republican school (on the outskirts of Paris), and the sacristan